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By milan924 » 7 months ago
Hello, I have decided to apply for guard again.  Here is my application.


How old are you: 19

What is your timezone: EST

How long have you played on PrisonTech: Since 2013

How many hours a day can you guard for: Around 5-6

What is your current rank (Block): Free

Do you have experience with staff ranks: Yes

Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the prison: Yes

What makes you the best guard applicant: There are many reasons I believe I am the best applicant.  There is my time I have spent on the server not just on this iteration but since TechGe3ks.  I think this shows my dedication and how committed I am to PrisonTech and its success.  There is also my experience being guard on PrisonTech, this sets me apart from the other applicants as I have actual experience using the commands and enforcing the server rules.  Finally, I genuinely enjoy playing on this server, and with the new youtuber coming on soon I feel it is important to have guards who are responsible, dedicated, and welcoming to all players - which are all traits I believe myself to possess.

Do you have a recording software: Yes

Do you have Discord/Teamspeak : Yes

I appreciate you guys taking the time to read this, thanks!

- Milan


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By Cleverless » 3 months ago
Accepted, thanks for applying.