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By AcidAppleJuice » 5 months ago
i have been thinking for a while that a /kit starter should be added because people like me kill new players for heads and sometimes we forget to give tools back so they can get a new kit but the kit would be un enchanted iron tools and maybe some iron gear? pls take this into consideration



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By Prescribing » 5 months ago
I 100% agree. The cool down for the kit should be about 1-24 hours. If a new player does happen to stay, they may consider using that kit again. Most new players do not stay so it should at least be above 1 hour so players are not abusing the kit.

EDIT: The kit items should be the same enchants that the tools you spawn in with the first time you join. Also, iron armor seems a little too much. I think there should be no armor.


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By mattwithabat » 3 months ago
Well... it's kinda their fault if they die tho. Why would they run into combat with no gear -.-