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By Urbilo » 6 months ago

How old are you:
I am currently 16 years old.

What is your timezone:
My timezone is UTC +01:00 (Belgium)

How long have you played on PrisonTech:
I have played PrisonTech since 2012/2013 on different accounts:
RubenKalfsvel, nageta34, biggiecheese21/Urbilo.
I started out in 2012/2013 and played for a few years continously, I was here when all the YouTubers started making videos and kept playing afterwards, and got up to like J+ or something. I quit around the time when the server was converted to OP Prison because it's not my thing.
Then when OG Prison came back I started playing again and then quit after a few resets until a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon the server again. Since I have started playing again I've been very active, being online almost every day and having reached G-Block.

How many hours a day can you guard for:
During week days I can guard for 2-4 hours a day, during weekend days I'd say about 4-8 hours a day. I can't know exact hours depending on IRL stuff going on, but I will try my best to guard for at least 2 hours each day. My school also starts soon, and I will see how busy I am with that, but I should still have enough time left over to do my duties in prison!

What is your current rank (Block):
I am currently in G-Block.

Do you have experience with staff ranks:
My very first experience as a staff was on another Non OP Prison a bit after Techge3ks became OP Prison. I started out as a Helper, and made my way up to the ranks to Admin. The server was called "Cubiclecraft" and had about 20+ players online at all time, until it got shutdown because the owner had IRL issues.
After that I started moderating on Forums for a Pixelmon server, but quit that after a month or two because the owners weren't the nicest people.
Then I started my biggest job yet, I became a mod on the site "Blox City" (a roblox-like game), when I was about 14. The site had around 20.000 registered users at that time. I made my way up to Executive Admin, by then the site had 500.000 registered users. I got fired a while after beause they didn't want any staff under 16, me being 15 at the time. I have experience with World Edit, and the usual plugins a server has. I'm also a stream mod on Riverrain's stream now cool, said rank obviously comes with a lot of responsibilities, and I worked hard to achieve that spot.

Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the prison:
I have read all of the Server and Guard Rules, and fully understand them. I think I know my way around the prison pretty good since I've been playing for a long time now. If I do happen to get accepted I will definately re-read the rules again. I'm now G-Block and feel like I know pretty much everything about Prison!

What makes you the best guard applicant:
There's a lot of factors that make me a good candidate for the guard position. I know the server very well, know a lot of people on here. This server was the very first server I joined on when me and my bud bought MC togheter, and up till this day I am still loving every minute I spend on there. After all these years of playing on here I feel like I want to give something back to the community as a thank you for all the fun moments this server has given me throughout the years.This server really has a beautiful and friendly community, and I'd like to contribute to the expansion of this server. Also I think my time zone is an advantage for me, sometimes I can be online for 2 hours with no other staff or guards on (and all diamonds on d for me alone hehe.) I'm very active and social, I like to help as many people as I can and I'm capable of managing sticky situations. I also know quite a few languages (Dutch, French, German, English) which might not seem like that big of an advantage but it's always handy to help out foreign people who might now know English that well!

I know I got denied last time, for the reason of there not being enough staff spots open at that time. I heard there were spots open now, and even though it hasn't been 30 days since my previous application, I believe I'm ready to be a Guard right now. I felt like if I had to wait 19 more days there would've been other guards picked before me, but I feel like I really deserve a chance to be a Guard, since I have been doing my best to be active, talking to people on the server and discord to help them out, and being in voicechat with staff and other players at times. I didn't want to miss this opportunity so I decided to reapply. Even after I got denied I didn't give up and kept being active on the server and discord each day, which shows I am dedicated to this server and really eager to have a shot at this position and be apart of the staff team.

Do you have a recording software:
I don't have one right now, but I can definately install one.

Do you have Discord/Teamspeak and a working mic:
I have both of the above.

I know my 30 days haven't passed, but I didn't want to miss this opportunity and feel like I am ready to be a Guard.

Thanks for reading my application and considering me,



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By Cleverless » 3 months ago