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By mattwithabat » 3 months ago


How old are you: 

What is your timezone: 

How long have you played on PrisonTech:
I have been playing PrisonTech for about a fair month now, I wasn't as active before I use to 
Just hop online here and there but in the past weeks, I started enjoying the server better than before. I don't know if it counts but I have played the old PrisonTech server when the YouTubers were always creating content of it in 2014 I think it is.

How many hours a day can you guard for:
I could guard for about 2-3 hours a day since I have school starting back up I won't have much time as before, but on the weekends I could most likely play for about most likely a minimum of four hours.
What is your current rank (Block):
My current block is [J]
Do you have experience with staff ranks:
To be completely honest, I have only had experience with staff only on servers I have owned. That has given me tons of knowledge on how plugins would work. I have experience with many commands such as ban, kick, mute, etc. I ran sorta of an OP Prison server that had a similar guarding feature to the one in this server right now. I have learned how to code scripts using the plugin called skript through my experience of being a staff member.
Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the prison:
Yes, I have read the rules on the server I may not sometimes memorize them by heart but I always bother to look back and reread the rules of the server. I know how to get around to pretty much everywhere I have been to. When I get to a new ward I almost instantly know my way around the prison.
What makes you the best guard applicant:
What makes my guard application the best is my knowledge of how things work around the server such as plugins and commands. What also makes me the best applicant is that I am familiar with the rules if I know something I did is wrong I will step up and do the right thing. What also makes me the best applicant is I actually care for the new prisoners that come in I want to make sure they stay playing and feel at home, Instead of a fully geared guy wanting to kill them for their head I have been there and I know what it feels like. Another thing that would make me the best guard applicant out of all the others is that I like to hang out with the community and talk to them on discord if I see one person lonely in a channel I would tend to give them company. I am also the best guard applicant because I find that helping people is more of a hobby to me. If someone ever is in need of help in the server I would help them help as fast as possible, sometimes it would even feel like as if it is a game for me, that is what makes me more unique then the other applicants. Another thing that makes me the best guard applicant is my experience with the government. What I mean by that is I applied for to be a police officer on this GTA V RP server once and got accepted In the server, it is 100% serious rp so they put you through a little "police academy."  They make sure you know all your 10 police codes and train you on real-life scenarios, so I think with all that training it can help me be a better guard in the future. I also have created a player report once since staff wasn't online at the time to take care of the situation.  In addition to all of this, the thing the most that would make me the best applicant is my level of maturity, I know if something I do or say is going too far or either wrong to say.

Do you have a recording software: Yes, I have OBS.
Do you have Discord/Teamspeak and a working mic:
Yes, I do my discord username and the tag is 

 I hope you take your time reading this and deciding if I met the requirements to become a guard on the server.


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By Cleverless » 3 months ago
Congratulations, your guard application has been accepted. Welcome to the team! -Jake

-Jake (Cleverless) Manager of Prison Tech