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By S4V1URK1D » 5 months ago

In Game Name:  SaviurKid

Age: 14

YouTube Link and Name:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCppnmwF-smQxRUUAUx0n6FA?view_as=subscriber Saviur Kid

Subscriber Count: 126

Average Mean Views: 50-60

Channel Genre: Gaming

Latest Video(s) on this server (Blank if none): Livestreams

Why you would be a great addition to the media personal on PrisonTech: I think I would be a perfect addition to the media personal on PrisonTech since, I'm pretty active and I stream it quite often.

Extras (IE: If you stream, or have anything you feel needs to be shared): Yeah, I stream.


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By Cleverless » 5 months ago

Hello, thank you for your interest. After reading over the application and discussed it with the admin team. We are going to deny this application because many admins have shared screenshots of you constantly bugging them about your application. Thank you for you're time. -Jake