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By ITSREAL85 » 5 months ago
How old are you: 19
What is your timezone: EST
How long have you played on PrisonTech: Since 2013 but on a different username. I left to focus on football and also got into UHC and recently found the server again
How many hours a day can you guard for: I'm a college student and I work so during the weekdays maybe 3-4 a day and on the weekends I can do around 6.
What is your current rank (Block): H
Do you have experience with staff ranks: Yes! I have a heavy UHC host background. I was first a co-host on TwittUHC(At the time the largest UHC server known before badlion took the spot) From there I moved to a server named DynastyUHC and the owner of that server and myself decided to create a network similar to Twitt named Aryxia. I was a reddit host on all 3 servers and at any given time i had 200-300 players at once (all ran by skript not a plugin) with maybe 4 mods to help out. At the time reddit was a disaster and the player base was really immature so 200 of them at once was a task. I also worked backend issues on Aryxia. It was a network of 5 different UHC servers. Myself and the other owner oversaw it all.
Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the prison: Yes I have. To my knowledge only a few things have changed since the old prisontech
What makes you the best guard applicant: My experience.  I'm used to dealing with large player bases. Hackers and toxic players were always a thing on reddit. Dealing with them along with the other issues a UHC game has was a challenge but I loved it. I feel like I'd be perfect 
Do you have a recording software: Yes
Do you have Discord/Teamspeak and a working mic: I prefer to use discord over Teamspeak but i can get it. I do have a mic as well


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By ghost0915 » 3 months ago
Hello ITSREAL85,

Thank you for taking your time to apply to become a guard on Smash Button Gaming! I am sorry to inform you, but I'm going to have to deny this application.

If you have any questions/queries make sure to PM me on here or on Discord (Ghosty#5892)
Feel free to reapply in 30 days.

~ Ghost0915
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