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By xNanoByte » 6 months ago
IGN: xNanoByte

How old are you: I am currently 18 years old.

Time Zone: Mountain Daylight Time (GMT -6)

How long have you been playing on PrisonTech: I started playing PrisonTech back in 2013, I honestly couldn't give an exact number on how long I played for during that time but I would be comfortable saying that it was at minimum a year. During that time of playing my computer hard drive had failed and I was not able to get it fixed for roughly nine months which didn't allow me to continue playing. By the time I got back the server had slowed down and then disappeared. Since then I have been waiting for it to come back so I could play again. I finally started playing again as of last week (10/14/18) once I found that the server was up while browsing info about it on google.

How many hours a day can you guard: I would say 3-4 hours at minimum and then upwards of 7-8 maximum. Mon-Thu would be on the lower end and Fri-Sun on the higher end.

What is your current rank: I am currently in F.

Do you have experience with staff ranks: I would say I have quite a far bit of experience. As of most recent I was Admin/OP on two popular FTB servers for an added time of 2 years. I absolutely loved this and it caused me to develop a passion for helping others in these friendly Minecraft communities. Outside of that I have been mod on a couple small vanilla servers mainly consisting of factions. I have also helped create servers including some prison ones but none of them ever got anywhere.
The names of the servers are as follows, B-gaming(FTB), MineColt(FTB), Others I either don't remember or never had a name as they were not released.

Have you read all the server rules and know your way around the prison: I know my way around pretty well and I have read all the rules that are listed on the forums.

What makes you the best guard applicant: What makes me a GREAT guard applicant is my Experience, Knowledge and most importantly Passion for the role. I absolutely love being able to work with the community as much as I can and helping the server grow to its potential. This server is by far the server that I have enjoyed myself the most on in the past 5 years of playing Minecraft. I want to see and help the community grow and teach those who are new how to do the same. I am familiar with the staff role and over the years have learned how to deal with all kinds of troubling situations that may come along. With the time I spent on the server in the past I am very familiar with the possibilities this server has to offer. I enjoy meeting and working with new people. This applies not only to a server but to the real world. I am a Head Cahier at my local Home Depot so helping and working with people already is my job and I absolutely love it. I am a people person at heart 100%. I could honestly say that the customer service industry is for me no matter how awful it may sound (Since the pay is absolutely terrible). I love learning things about others and sharing experiences creating a bond with them. I try to find the best in everyone and bring it out if I can. I'm used to working with both the nicest and probably some of the most unpleasant people but I can definitely say it has taught me a low about how people think as well as how to approach situations. I try to be the best and most real person I can be all the time and encourage it from those around me. There is nothing better in my mind than a community that works well and has respect for one another. Because of both work and college I have met a huge diversity if people learning what I can. So I may know all the rules and my way around the prison and I feel that makes me a Great guard applicant, but what makes me the BEST guard applicant is my love and passion of working with all sorts of people as much as I possibly can.

Do you have a recording software: Yes, I have Shadow Play and Streamlabs OBS currently.

Do you have Discord/Teamspeak and a working mic: Yes, my discord name xNanoByte#9204 and I do have TeamSpeak downloaded.

Thank you for your time, I hope you consider me for the role. See you on the server! 
-xNanoByte (Nathan)

P.S. Sorry for any typos, I tried to fix all the ones I could find.

~Nathan (Nano) Guard on PrisonTech