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By Switchin » 6 months ago
How old are you:

What is your timezone:
EST (Eastern Standard Timezone)

How long have you played on PrisonTech:
I have been playing PrisonTech for a long time I had originally begun playing back in 2013/2014 for about a year, but I had started playing this server around one and a half years. 

How many hours a day can you guard for:
Monday ~  2-4 Hours
Tuesday ~  4-5 Hours
Wednesday ~  3-4 Hours
Thursday ~ 3-5 Hours
Friday ~ 3-5 Hours
Saturday ~ 3-9 Hours
Sunday ~ 3-9 Hours

What is your current rank (Block):
I am currently no rank as the server is currently being remastered and is down, but I do have MVP rank

Do you have experience with staff ranks:
I have plenty of experience as being a staff member such as...

Valux - Trainee
Player Count: 700-1000 

Hyversal - Admin
Player Count: 300-500 

Creeper Prison - Mod+
Player Count: 20-40

Vanix Prison - Helper+
Player Count: 10-20

Titan Factions - Head Admin
Player Count: 25-35

SolitudeHCF - Senior Mod
Player Count: 40-60

FlashCentral HCF - Manager

Tropical HCF - Mod+
Player Count: 15-25

PvPingMC - Helper
Player Count: 300-500

Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the prison:

I do know all the server rules and know my way around the prison at least the old one as the server is currently undergoing complete maintenance and the map is changing from spoilers posted on the discord.

What makes you the best guard applicant:

I believe I am the best guard applicant because I have plenty of experience about staffing having such great abilities I can contribute towards the server. I think the best factor I have to be a staff member is my ability to work with almost anyone in all scenario's I also have a very good understanding of others and being eligible to support everyone with as much help as possible. I have always been a very positive individual, yes I can sometimes have a bad moment and say something negative or completely unnecessary, but everyone can have small outbursts of something like that and it's natural so one mistake can always be fixed. Furthermore, I can dedicate a lot of my time into the server by helping anyone in need even correcting others staff mistakes as I have done that quite a bit in the past with all my experience. Being a staff member is not as easy as some people can think, I know this from experience especially if you have a good boss that expects a lot from you and I know specifically Tyler the owner of Prison Tech at the moment does require that from his staff team. I am willing to put all the effort needed to do this as I have been wanting to be a staff member on here for a while now.

I am a very loyal individual I stay up to my word and promises and do my absolute best to complete them with as little error as possible.

Respect is one of the many things required to become a good staff member and not all people have respect, I find that this is the most crucial thing needed to be a good and successful staff member.

Myself I think that dedication and motivation are needed in all aspects of life a job, staffing for a game, wanting something that you have always dreamed of and etc. Without this, you will never go anywhere as for how are you supposed to want or do something without having the wanting for it and that glimpse of motivation or dedication.

I can be trusted with secrets and if I am told a bad secret I won't be afraid to tell higher up staff member about it, I won't expose any of the server's secrets nor will I expose any players or staff members secrets if it is innocent.

Maturity is what most people lack especially at young ages but I am only 15 and I can act very mature as well as be professional.

Do you have a recording software:
Yes I have the premium version of Action

Do you have Discord/Teamspeak and a working mic:
Yes I have both Discord and Teamspeak with a working microphone.


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By BlockofIron » 6 months ago
Very Nice Application. Worked with you before on many servers and one of my best mates in Minecraft. Good Luck! 


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By hipporunner » 6 months ago