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By BlockofIron » 6 months ago
My current IGN is BlockofIron. However, I have played on the server on other accounts which I no longer have access to.

How old are you:
18 years old

What is your timezone:
GMT (Greenwich Mean Timezone)

How long have you played on PrisonTech:
I have been playing since around 2013-2014.

How many hours a day can you guard for:
6-7 hours a day minimum depending on my work on university hours that week.

What is your current rank (Block):
I currently have no rank due to the server being under maintenance for the rework.

Do you have experience with staff ranks:
Equinox Network: Jr.Administrator/Head of Screenshare - 250 Players
PrimeHCF: Admin/Head of Screenshare - 600 Players
Odie Gaming: Moderator - 100 Players
Hyversal Network: Manager/ Head of Screenshare - 300-500 Players

Valux Network: Sr.Moderator/Leaderboards - 700-1000 Players

Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the prison:

What makes you the best guard applicant:
Personally, the biggest thing that would make me the best guard applicant is the experience of working on large servers as well as my dedication towards those servers. To start this off the servers I have worked on I have been given positions to where the amount of work I have are crucial to the servers wellbeing and also to keep the server functioning. Even though I have never been staff on a prison server I have the knowledge of how to be a dedicated individual as well as interacting with the community. My playtime on other servers was high and when being staff the community always knew who I was due to the communication that I have with the community. Another thing that makes me the best applicant for the guard position is the maturity that I possess. My age being 18 is the ideal standard for a guard on the server as it allows myself to see things from a different perspective compared to the younger community and enables professionalism from myself and for the server. In addition to this due to my knowledge of the community and the ways in which the community thinks, shifts and changes it would be ideal for myself to become staff on the server as I know how to react to the community which will, in conclusion, benefit the server immensely.

Maturity is what most people lack. However, I have always had the maturity and is actually what I am known for in this community

Respect is one of the many things required to become a good staff member and not all people have respect, I personally feel that it is one of the most crucial things needed to be a successful staff member.

Do you have a recording software:  
Yes, I have Action

Do you have Discord/Teamspeak and a working mic:
Yes, I have both Discord and Teamspeak and have a Blue Snowball Ice


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By Switchin » 6 months ago
+1 Amazing Staff member worked with him in the past one of my Best Friends, Good Luck Mate!