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By jack8799 » 3 months ago

How old are you?
16 years

What is your timezone?
Eastern Standard Time

How long have you played on PrisonTech?
I played prisontech In 2012 before free was released and have played on the revamp pretty much everyday it has been online and working.

How many hours a day can you guard for?
I can guard for 5 hours on weekdays and 9 hours on weekends and I don't really mine that much so would be on duty most of the time.

What is your current rank (Block)?

Do you have experience with staff ranks?
For a week I ran my own server that consistently had 20 players (half of which I didn't know).  I had to maintain the server on my own as it was equipment that I actually physically owned.

Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the prison?
Yes, I have made myself aware of all the server and guard rules and know the way around all of the blocks up to F (cause of a quick tour of F)

What makes you the best guard applicant?
I believe to be an exquisite guard applicant not only because I am good at PVP (at least better than Matt) and will dedicate most of my time to the server on duty but, because truly enjoy playing the server and this promotion would make much more enjoyable.  Also as a staff I feel I could better the experience of others players in the same way Matt, Ghost and Helloz do by interacting with players and having fun with them.

Do you have a recording software?
OBS and Geforce Experience (instant replay)

Do you have Discord/Teamspeak?


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By Cleverless » 3 months ago
Denied, do not ask staff members in game to update your guard application. Feel free to reapply in 30 days.