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By hipporunner » about 1 year ago

Update 3.3 is finally out and we are really excited to share with you all the new features inside of the server!!!

Prison Underground:

Travel underneath the prison to the prison underground, where you can find the Dirty Dealer and Drug Dealer

Dirty Dealer:

The dirty dealer is a NPC Shop that allows you to sell Items at an increased price from the main shop all player D-Free can use this show and the boosts can range from 1%-10%


Drug Dealer:

We now have a drug dealer who you can go to and accept quests to get the items to craft certain drugs, such as cocaine and more.

Slot Machines!

Slot machines are back and in the main server using these slot machines can gain you Ghast Tears or money, The ghast tears can be used as trading items for the collectables shop.

Collectables Shop:

We now have a collectables shop in PrisonTech this is where you can purchase crate keys or even Heads from Current Staff, Previous Staff, or even the Youtubers that have been on the server!


We now have Crates and Crate Keys back inside of PrisonTech purchase them on the store or get them through quests. Open them to receive great rewards such as a Fortune 5 Pickaxe!

Fortune 5 and Fortune 4:

We now have 2 more levels of fortune inside of the server this can be received by opening crates at /warp Crates!


We now have Minecrates these crates are received while mining and can give you rewards such as temporary donator access or cool items!


You can no longer do /pay to pay money to other players now you must do /withdraw and toss them to the other players.

Scoreboard changes:

We now have a nicer looking scoreboard sitting to the right with info on it such as what rank you are and what boost the DirtyDealer has.