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By zRhino » 3 months ago

My in game name is currently zRhino
Back in the day it was rhino207

How old are you:

What is your timezone:
Eastern Standard Time (EST)

How long have you played on PrisonTech:
I began playing on Prison Techge3ks way back in 2012. I was a very active player, and well known among most. I played for years. PrisonTech was the first thing I was ever addicted to. I was just beginning to be a teenager, and I was obsessed with this server. My parents would have to come in my room and drag me off. I was recently playing on a prison server, and I randomly thought of Prisontech, as I do on occasion. I remembered the fun times I had, and wish they could be possible again. This is why I am back in the community, trying to make an impression again. I've been checking in for a couple months now, just to see how everything is going. Now I believe its time to get back in action.

How many hours a day can you guard for:
I can guard for at least 3-4 hours every day. I am in my Senior year of high school, and it's a breeze. Now that the soccer season is over, I get home at 1pm, and go to sleep at around 1 am so I have plenty of time to get online. Once college rolls around next year, I will probably have a little less time to spare, but with all the free time Ill be getting it shouldn't be a problem.

What is your current rank (Block):
I am currently block C. I usually don't grind too much, as I just come on to make friends and communicate to others.

Do you have experience with staff ranks:
I do have a lot of experience with staff ranks. I have been playing Minecraft for around 6 years now, and have gotten my fair share of work. I've been helper on a number of small servers, moderator+ on a few and shared ownership on two different servers with friends. I have also gotten on the staff team of two large servers that I can remember. I was a Moderator on a Dungeonrealms server that hosted an average of 150 players daily. I was also a helper on a Youtuber's factions server back a couple years ago. The server was called OnePvP, and the owner had about 60,000 subscribers on Youtube.

Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the prison:
es, I have spent countless hours on this server and know my way in and out. I have read the rules thoroughly and could enforce them very well.

What makes you the best guard applicant:
I believe I am the best applicant for a couple reasons. The first one being my experience on both the server, and being a staff member in general. I have spent years working on servers, and making the environment most enjoyable for players. I know the ins and outs of being involved in a staff team, and how it works. I love to help out, and will do anything to make a community improve. One thing that I get complimented often on servers is how I treat all players equally. I have no favoritism towards anyone, and that is very important in my opinion. I enjoy communicating with players, and cooperating with them as much as possible. I help people on the computer, and off... it is one thing I truly love in life. I value my learning experiences throughout the years, and see myself as the best fit available. This server has an amazing staff team, and I would love to be a part of it.

Do you have a recording software:
I do have OBS.

Do you have Discord/Teamspeak and a working mic:
Yes I do.