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By AcidAppleJuice » 2 months ago
IGN: AcidApplejuice
How old are you: 14 but i think im mature enough and i also have proof that im 14
What is your timezone: PST
How long have you played on PrisonTech:  i have played on prison tech for over a year now
How many hours a day can you guard for: with school starting up tomorrow and since i just had surgery so i missed 2 months i would say 3-4 hours
What is your current rank (Block): J with titan donor rank 
Do you have experience with staff ranks: I do have experience with helper rank on sblegends  i was staff there for a week or so but it shut down
Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the prison: yes i know the rules and know my way around all the wards 
What makes you the best guard applicant: what makes me the best guard applicant is that i have been with the server for a long time and have learnt all the rules and what you expect from guards/admins  i have also been in many calls with current and ex staff members and have learnt guard basics and i feel like i can get the hang of it. I  feel like im a person that can get mad easily but i can fix that and try to calm down but if i can i can be mature in most situations on the server  like people spamming being racist etc. i also know most players in the community so  i dont argue often with players i  just dont get along with some players but i feel like we all have players that we dislike. I really think i would do a good job as a guard since i never see anyone guarding or even see guards online at all so i feel i could guard often and control the chat since there is never a guard online.
Do you have a recording software:  i do have obs but i have not learnt how to use it so if i could have some help  learning it i can record
Do you have Discord/Teamspeak and a working mic: yes my discord is ⛄AcidAppleJuice⛄#8735

-Acid <3