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By hipporunner » 11 months ago

We are really excited to announce one of the biggest updates yet with 3.4!

Here is everything we worked hard to deliver.


3 New Prison Wards:

We have added T, R, and G. Anyone at free has automatically been set at T. T is 25 million, R is 45 million, G is 70 million, and Free is 100 million.

Prestige and Prestige Points:

The wait is finally over, you may now prestige, up to three times, once you reach free. You will receive a prestige point every time you prestige and you can buy upgrades with them with /prestigeshop

Reworked Chat:

An all new look that gives the server a more professional and clean look.


Money Gambling:

Hop on and warp to the brand new bar (/warp gamble) where you can gamble and use scratch offs.


New custom attribute armor from the blacksmith.

Summer Crate:

A new crate with all new items, all other crates have been reduced in price and needed. Check this out at /warp crates and buy the keys at https://smashbuttongaming.buycraft.net